The most comprehensive STD testing and treating center in southern California

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Compare our Privacy


  How we Do it Online Testing Centers , send to lab
Online info Sharing No




Payment information you could choose pay Direct without using your credit card Credit card bill with STD Testing company contact information on it

No online Name sharing. The only person has access to your record is, you.

You will type your name on online form during process of lab test ordering , as patient or as payment information source would link to your lab.

We are reputable institution with lic and responsible real Medical practice. This is what we do.

No upfront disclosed doctor name or responsible party with lic, if breech of your confidentiality

your information is secure, we do not send you any sensitive letter. WE ARE REAL CLINIC AND



Always ask for MD doctor name whom is ultimately responsible for your information


Security: We are private uniqe center in one location in about 4000 sq feet with inhouse private pharmacy, inhouse lab, inhouse health workers, we assure you that your name will not be shared with multi state networking company or laboratory or to breech your privacy. Our institution is locked at non-oprating hours under security of Monitronics company and other security prevision. Our geniune health care staff are not allowed to access to any sensitive medical record or your test result without doctor (MD) permission.

We do not sale health insurance, life insurance, online medicine or other telemarketing practice such as STD test sales so the only staff we have are professional health care staff. We never share our Medical center space with others, so no one else has access to our system.



We respect and act in HIPAA rule , we assure you that your confidentiality is our top priority in our clinic. We are not networking commercial corporate company, so be confident. Not even your partner could get your result or discuss about your issue without your permission. Some of our patients decide not to use their credit card

in order to decrease information sharing and billing (unlike other online

services). Since many of our tests are done in our onsite lab , you get your result from doctor on the same day visit at the same location.  We do not email , we do not post your result online in order to maximize your security.






All information in this web site is protected by copyright using of

this web site is only for information purpose for our patients, use of this web site for

other purpose without written permission is prohibited. our web site team frequently

search world wide web in order to protect our copy right.

We are not a governmental agency or getting any governmental fund for our services, We do not accept any health insurance. we comply fully with laws and regulation of Los Angeles health department.


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